Friday, April 8, 2011

sci-fi story

Sci fi DO OVER! Raymond Proo

So I walked into my class ready to turn in my epic story I just wrote, and to my surprise the headman in charge wouldn’t take it. I started to grow angry inside I was wondering why? He’s excuse was because it seems to be taken. I call my ALIEN friend over ß--- (sci fi) he starts to read my story he says it sounds like its mine. I tell him to scan it with his little lens of truth. He does and he couldn’t find no souce or trace of my epic document being taken. but I decide to re-write my story to save my time from arguing. I start to write my other story based on my situation I start to get into it then out of nowhere I receive a call. I pick up my mobile device, the little alien thing says that there has been an arrangement he say that hes read my story and its really epic and he believes that its mine. I leave class and head over to the library. I take a sit in the hovering chair I here the slapping from his feet hitting the marble floor. He approaches me and says “u must take this story and take it to the great master”

I was like “ight its koo” I got up took my story and started to walk out he stops me and with a stern voice he says

“but wait there will be a lota challenges along the way u must be carefull”

“ok? its just a story I wrote intended for my class”

“yes but it contains secrets of the value of life”

“how? Its just something random I wrote at 4a.m. so I can turn it in and pass this class.”

“its because the things you talk about are really controversial and a very thought provoking topic”

I was angry I didn’t kno what this alien was talking about, first I couldn’t turn in my stories for some complications and now this I was getting angry. I whipped out my laser gun and shot him. With that the alarm rang all the little aliens came out. They looked at me then they looked at my document little laser lights started to shine all over the place, it looked like a laser light show to be honest. i ran to hide behind a wall were barely piercing through the wall. I grabbed my heavy assault laser machine rifle mount on top and let the lasers spray. All those little aliens were dropping like so fast they wished they never came out. I turned around and kept running down ,y path encountering those annoying aliens along the way.

As the sunset and the blanket of the darkness covered the land I set up camp. I took out my epic story I had written for my class but was not accepted I’m not going to forget that I was up till 4a.m, I thought to myself. I started to closely read it through and couldn’t find any type of symbolisms, but how if I wrote it? Then I remembered I was half asleep when I wrote this so probably when I was in between my state of consciousness I unlocked and showed some part of my brain and mind which triggered this epic story. I thought to myself what if I go to sleep and then wake up then right when my body starts to doze off and enter the 4th stage of sleep ill force my mind to read this story. It was going to be a difficult process cause obviously the events that happen during the day can change your mindset and you can unconsciously think about things you usually wouldn’t think about.

As I felt my body start to shut down I kept my mind awake I started to read my story, it felt like I was dreaming like I was in my story. I started to find weird symbols but there were just a blur I was still confused. The most I saw was some great old wise looking alien falling and kept falling down and never hit the ground. I suddenly woke up my heart was racing and I felt like I was falling. I looked around me and saw my campsite. It has felt like ages but it really wasn’t it was just the crack of dawn and the rays of sunlight started to hit burn my face. I turned away, I had forgotten that in this planet the sun is the strongest during the sunrise and sunset.

I started to walk up the hill preparing for the valley bellow full of those lingering aliens. I reached the top of the hill and there was the little town. I dropped the ground and threw on a ghillie suit. I crawled carefully around the shrubs till I got a good lookout. I took out my ultra scoped binoculars and looked down on to the town. I spotted some targets up on the rooftops probably some lookouts caring some snipers. I look to the other side of town. It looked like along way and all the streets and roads where heavily guarded. I touched the sand below me feeling the heat to see if I could get a hint of how the wind was blowing and the temp. i had to clear the rooftop guys to stay unseen and I could just stroll through the town and watch for the guards on the ground. I took out my cheytac. And calculated the dope on the scope. Visibility wasn’t that bad, it was going to be tough to land my shots from all the sand dust lingering in the air. I looked down range. Spotted my targets I had to shoot the main lookout up in the center tower with our the other guards in the outer towers watching. I aimed at the little alien’s head ready to pop it. I looked ready for the right moment to pull the trigger. The rest of the guars made there usual path and turned around to look out of the walls. But one was still looking towards the town. I needed him to turn around. He started to turn around but one of the other guards started to look back I took the shot his little head popped with green splatting everywhere. The other guard saw it happened he was bout to pull the alarm when I took him out.

I exhaled and took in another deep breath the last three where still looking out. I slowly started to take them out taking out the farthest one first. I was returned my scope to the closest he had a sniper in his hand he seemed to be aiming at me, with that a laser shot zoomed past my right shoulder I quickly jumped behind a rock. I calculated where my target would be I couldn’t miss or else I would be done for. I came up all felt slow I quickly spotted my target and brought up my scope and pulled the trigger and hit the ground. I had hit him with a good accurate quick scope.

I gathered my things and started to run down the hill I reached the gates and quickly took out the guards before they even realized who I was. I ran down the narrow streets. I heard the alarm ring shots started to hit the buildings around me. I took a quick glance back quickly spotted the target closes to me and rang the shot. Took him out less dangerous shots were zooming by, the other aliens where still far. I couldn’t go out the main exit it was probably heavily guarded. I started making my way to the south eastern wall. I scaled the wall shots hitting it spraying debri all over the place. One shot hit the strap of my bag, my bag fell down with my very important document in it. I jumped down the alien was bout to grab it until I tornado kicked him. They where coming from all sides. I hooked kicked one and made my way through there. I started to run up the stairs of the south eastern tower. I got to the top I could here the splashing footsteps coming up. I looked around, I spotted a haystack on the at the bottom on the other side of the wall. I leaped all the way down and hit the hay stack with a great impact. Didn’t feel so bad with the haystack to cushion it I started to run up the great mountain where the great master was located. I ran up the long stairs. And reached the entrance.

I busted the great big doors open, there he was. He stood up in astonishment ready to defend himself. I tossed him the bag with the documents and commanded him to read it.

As he read the great alien’s face grew with fear. He looked at me and snarled “you’re here to kill me and take over”

I still didn’t kno what this was really replied “I don’t know what your talking bout”

“oh yes you do read the last part” he tossed it back to me I read it and learned that he was the corrupt leader of this planet, ive been looking for this guy forever and now he was right in front of me. I took my gun and pointed up. But when I targeted my target wasn’t there anymore. I looked around frantically for my target I saw him running down the stairs I pointed my gun right when I pulled the trigger I felt my arm thrown back it was one of those tough alien guards. I started to fight back as fast as I could and take him out. He came at me with a right hook I ducked right under and countered it with a tornado/butterfly twist kick. He stumbled down to the ground I dove for my gun. He jumped in the air after me I quickly turned around and shot through his heart. I was sprayed with green glue.

I stayed at the top and saw the great master alien running toward his little space ship. I took out my cheytac and adjusted the dope on my scope. I leaded my target right when the wind speed was correct I pulled the trigger after about 2 secs I saw my target drop. Pretty epic shot. I took my seat on the throne and my document was burned from the light coming from the sky.

The end

free write assignment

I run out to the Main plaza looking everywhere for my short blade he just lost in a recent turmoil that took place. I tried to look under the dead bodies that were around, but I only found other rusty blades. He heard what sounded like a stampede of horses walking down the cobblestone streets. but they were just the heavy boots of the guards running to the scene of the turmoil. I starts to scramble to find it but no look, he can now see the guards in the distance getting closer and closer with every step they too There he was in between the guards, the main chief guard started to interrogate him,

"sir, what brings you here?"

"looking for my letters i dropped along the way" I lied trying to find away out of it. The right hand man of the chief was staring him down now trying to recognize the face in front of him. I knew I was in trouble, I had killed one of his fellow guards 2 weeks ago and was a marked man.

the right hand man remarked "you know, you look very familiar, have I seen you somewhere before??"

“Um, I don’t kno what your talking about your probably confused?”

NO, NO! your that man that completes those assassinations’ you killed one of my officers, hey men get that man over there.

With that I start to dip it down the hard cobbled street, I run into a dark corridor hoping to lose the raging men behind me, I can hear the echo of there loud footsteps banging the marble floor. I see the light at the end, Out of the dark I came into the light, Running as fast as i could there they came right behind me, there shinning swords ready to slice at my body. this is dangerous, one mistake or trip and i would be gone. I scale a wall as fast as i could but careful of my step, Jumping from roof to roof i try to find the most open spot there is. I see a courtyard down bellow, i jump down onto a balcony then onto the ground. Im in the middle of the courtyard and it reeked due to all the severed bodies, they come in numbers all with the same mindset. I ready my blade ready to take'em on by the hundreds. Before the first strike was made i thought to myself "im'a be here all day." then came the first lunge i heard the footsteps coming from the back of me. I quickly turn around and deliver the blade right into his torso followed by a squeal. I quickly turn waiting for the next attack. This time he's already swinging I spin out of the targeted strike and take out his legs, Crafty move to be honest. All of a sudden I feel something sharp tearing at my shoulder the mubing and dull pain rises up my shoulder up to my neck. Everything starts to slow down, I start to fall down I hit the ground Im rolling over on my. My vision blurs as im grabbing my arm throbbing with the pain. Everything grows silent, I start to lose strength, my arms drop with a thud and I as I lay there dying I Blackout.

I wake up and try to take a deep breath, but the deeper the breath the more severe the pain. The ground is hard beneath my back, and I feel a dull pain in my arm. I turn over to see my arm once again. drenched in blood i can see the short knife sticking out I knew I had little time before they found me. I took a long hard look at the blade, and prepared for what I was about to do. i gripped the blade as hard as i could and started to pull. I pulled with a quick movement at first but after feeling the pain run up my shoulder, I slowed down and eventually stopped. I fell flat on my back again and took a deep breath, more pain rushed through my body. I take a look at the blade and it looks like i made good progress. I sit right back up with difficulty. I grip the blade once more, take my hand and slowly I start to pull it out. I take short breaths with every pause. I can hear the chatter of voices down bellow. I can see the tip, i take a deep breath and I pull with a hard swift movement. blood spills all over the place. I lay there for a couple of seconds, I start to get up with my numb arms and I start to run out and go to my safe house to clean up. I was holding my arm looking around frantically for any guards trying to finish me off. I approached the basilica, I looked around making sure it was safe and jumped in the moat and started to swim around to one of the back sides of the basilica, I stepped on the little piece of land and stuck my fingers in the two gaps in the wall and turned the knob. With that I descended to the dark I started walking down the hallway opened my door and there I was.

I took of my armor and everything and set my priority on my arm, I rinsed and cleansed it till it was rid off all the particles. Stung a lil to be honest. I started to stich and in no time it was done. I looked around for the map to find the stone to destroy the main archive that had all my records in it. I see the spot where its located and my memory quickly flashed back and I remembered. I gathered my things and heade to the heart of rome. I kept running pushing the crowds of people outta the way, I came to the center picked up the tile and there I foun the stone. Everybody was looking in curiosity one of the aletered the gaurds I started to run once again being chased, I scaled up the building jumped on rooftops. I needed to get to the vatican as fast as I could. I reached the gates I whipped out my hidden blade and killed them I opened the great big gate and ran down the corridors. Guards were coing from everywhere now. I ran to the dead center and placed the stone in the dead center and chante the phrase, with that I started to dip out the exit killing anything in my path as the light decended fro the sky I knew I had little time before the light touched the stone and obliterate everything around it to pieces.

The exit was blocked from incoming soilders I scaled the pillar and climbed my was to the second floor. It was getting bright real bright I looked around the vivid light hurting eyes. I closed my eyes and jumped out the window with the explosion right behind e I got propelled to the air I can feel the debri hitting my shoulder and back. I landed In the the river. I tried to cover myself from the huge debri splashing all around me. I started to swim away from the whole mess. With the archives destroyed once again I was an unknown man I could continue my work with less disturbences and caution.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Feedback to be honest. . . .

when this class first started it was bout the poetry, and to be honest .. . . . .. I don't like poetry so it was a pretty hard unit for me. the daily journals were pretty fun to write about, because it gave u a chance to be creative and just write whatever popped in yo head. So i had fun writing about those and reading other peoples stories. To be honest . . . .. i had trouble meeting the deadlines because its kinda hard for me to start it takes me along time, thats y I liked the daily journals alot cuz theres was something there to write about already to be honest (TBH) anyways just being honest to be honest. this class is pretty chill especially because instead of writing on a boring piece of paper. we got the opportunity to type our stuff down and use different programs to make it more interesting to be honest.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Embarrassing restaurant moment

to be honest (tbh) *cough cough* anyways Tbh i can remember the time i sat down to eat my chicken then outta nowhere this old random lady came up to me and started to ask me random questions, i kinda started to smirk and look all over the place but i started to answer her questions respectfully. SMH :(

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

lyric assignment

because it has a good message and meaning and its pretty straight forward.
trying to find himself in his lost life.
Intro: AA BB
Chorus: A A A A A A
outro: A A A A
hopefull yet depressing and sad
make sure you know where you stand at in life and don't ever lose confidence in yourself
to help those that feel lost within themselves

Friday, April 1, 2011

Behind her the noise escalated into what sounded like trunk music, she started running faster and faster but the that trunk music just kept getting louder and louder. she deafened as shots rang in the air, she dropped to the ground covering her body. She was surprised she was still alive, she slowly lifts her sight and see's her saver, holding a .50 deagle in his right hand.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the clock winked and i sat there in amazement. watching as time moved on so fast he wondered how it happened so he asked his Gf this question And who do you think you are
Running 'round leaving scars Collecting your jar of hearts, And tearing love apart, You're gonna catch a cold, From the ice inside your soul, So don't come back for me Who do you think you are.